Putin hosts Netanyahu for Syria-related talks

He can check his account. "It was transferred to an Israeli bank account under the name Benjamin Netanyahu".

He also said that previous reports that he had contributed one million euros were incorrect. "This is not something he or I can hide", he said.

"They speak of an illegal donation of one million euros for a campaign in 2009 and in the end it is a legal gift when I was a private citizen in 2001".

He said that in 2001 he gave Netanyahu a million French francs, or around 170 thousand euros.

"Second of all, I did indeed give Netanyahu money, but there is some confusion surrounding it". In 2002, he became foreign minister in then-prime minister Ariel Sharon's government. "It's possible that I got the numbers wrong because it's been more than 10 years". "We had a friendly relationship". It is the fourth time that Netanyahu and Putin have met in recent months, including Netanyahu visits to Moscow in September 2015 and April 2016, and a meeting in November during the Paris climate conference.

The statement did not provide details of the dates or amounts of Mimran's contributions. Netantyahu didn't request anything, didn't receive anything, nor did he give anything to Mimran in return. Netanyahu flatly denied the claim after it was made in court.

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Notably, Israeli law limits individual campaign contributions to NIS 11,480 (€2,670), and the candidates for the premiership are not allowed to mobilize funds for more than NIS 45,880 from the same funder.

The allegation has received widespread attention in Israel, with the country's attorney general examining Mimran's testimony.

In a statement on June 5, the Prime Minister's Office accused Mimran of committing further fraud by making a false claim about Netanyahu. This money was used to fund media appearance and hasbara (public relations) trips overseas for the benefit of the State of Israel, and were all done in accordance with the law. This message for the first time stated a sum-$40,000-and said the funds were transferred to Netanyahu's public activity fund.

With the issue receiving widespread coverage in Israel and the country's attorney general examining it, Netanyahu acknowledged on Monday that Arnaud Mimran, now on trial in Paris, had given him $40,000. The two men were photographed together in the luxurious resort of Monaco in 2003 when Netanyahu was Israel's finance minister and Mimran was already suspected of crimes separate to the ones for which he will stand trial.

The prime minister's office said the money was for a fund for Netanyahu's public activities, which included media appearances and travel overseas to promote Israel.