Spider-Man, Batman coming to PlayStation

The Batman: Arkham games is getting a new edition and on a (somewhat) new platform. Rocksteady Studios plans to have the game ready to launch in October 2016, which puts it squarely in PlayStation VR's planned release window.

Batman: Arkham VR will launch exclusively on PlayStation alongside the release of PlayStation VR on October 13.

According to the post on Sony's PlayStation blog, "Batman: Arkham VR is a new Batman story set in the Arkham universe and exclusive to PlayStation VR". You can watch a trailer - one that features a voiceover from Mark Hamill - below. Batman: Assault on Arkham is also notable for introducing a version of the Suicide Squad to non-comics audiences that bears more than a passing resemblance to the one seen in the upcoming live-action film.

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"We all feel that we've ended up creating an wonderful new Batman experience that is both complementary and a counterpoint to the epic grandeur of Batman: Arkham Knight", Green said. And this experience isn't just a retelling of the Arkham games, but Batman: Arkham VR will tell a brand new mystery as players utilize Batman's legendary gadgets to unravel a plot that threatens his closest allies. Unfortunately that's all we have so far aside from it being developed by Rocksteady.

Now Batman games have always allowed gamers to play as Batman, but with this designed for the PlayStation VR, we reckon this experience will be nothing like you've experienced before.