Documents show ex-Stanford swimmer used drugs before college

The nation is now in an uproar at the soft sentence, with almost one million signatures on a petition to remove Persky from his esteemed position.

"I can hear her crying through the bathroom door", for hours on end, he said.

At Stanford University, the case has also drawn outrage among some faculty and students who have accused the school of a lack of sympathy toward the victim.

Activists believe the sentencing of Turner was a miscarriage of justice, one in which Judge Persky was complacent. There's also the possibility a different friend of Turner's could have been sending around photos of a different woman's breast that night in the group chat.

Turner, 20, of Oakwood, Ohio, is scheduled to be released from Santa Clara County jail in September, after completing three months of his sentence due to good behavior.

The judge has a pattern of sparing relatively low-level offenders of color from prison, according to defense attorneys who asked not to be identified because they have to appear before him on future cases. But Persky recently sentenced her to 120 days on a work crew picking up freeway trash.

USA Swimming, the national governing body of competitive swimming, announced last week that it has banned Brock Turner for life from competing in events sanctioned by the organization.

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Arrested in November 2013 and initially charged with a "super crime" (super aggravated sexual assault) because the victim was under 6 at the time, Trump did not receive a prison sentence, instead of the minimum 25-year sentence he had originally faced. But the man had a criminal record - in fact, he was on probation for committing burglary in another state.

- March 30, 2016 - A Santa Clara County jury finds Turner guilty of the three remaining counts.

Like the victim in the Turner case, the victim in the domestic violence case also read aloud a heartfelt statement, in addition to showing photos of her bloody face.

Judge Persky rationalized his decision, saying a tougher sentence would have "severely impacted" the Stanford swimmer. "Hopefully a qualified woman will replace him", said Stanford Law Professor Michele Dauber in an email to NPR.

John Van Trump, a retired Harris County sheriff's deputy was sentenced to 10 years deferred adjudication for aggravated sexual assault of a child. The judge merely approved it, though he could have rejected the deal. "I don't recall", the woman said.

Some experts are anxious about the chilling effect the outcry against Persky may have on judges, while others say they would welcome a more responsive judiciary. The prosecution, meanwhile, has argued that officer misinterpreted the victim's empathy for Turner as approval for a light sentence.

In a world where a Donald Trump can become the US Presidential hopeful by making mean, bitchy, distasteful comments against Muslims, Mexicans and other minorities, in a world where people's representatives can proclaim a "Muslim-mukt Bharat" as a legitimate political goal, in a world where politicians can be seen seething with righteous indignation for a family going unpunished for possessing mutton that had mysteriously turned into beef, disrespect for women's rights does seem par for the course.