MI turns eyes to ACC after Washington wins

Derek Dowrey has seen it all in his five years at Penn State

Derek Dowrey has seen it all in his five years at Penn State

If Penn State beats Wisconsin they will win the Big 10 championship having come out of an East Division that includes MI and Ohio State. That is when top-ranked Alabama takes on Florida (8-3) in the SEC Championship. (See: 10-2 MI ahead of 10-2 Wisconsin, Penn State and Colorado; 8-4 Tennessee ahead of 9-3 Virginia Tech).

Ohio State and MI played college football's game of the year last Saturday. Ohio State, which finished the regular season 11-1 but did not win its division, remains No. 2.

"The committee continues to be impressed by what we have seen on the field from one-loss Washington", selection committee chairman Kirby Hocutt said.

SaturdayACC Championship: No. 3 Clemson vs.

Clemson will play No. 23 Virginia Tech Saturday, while Washington will take on No. 8 Colorado in the Pac 12 Championship Game.

The last scenario to discuss as far the Big Ten crashing the college football playoff, is one in which both Clemson and Washington slip in their respective championship games, which would open the door for possibly three Big Ten teams to enter the playoff.

Penn State also lost to Pittsburgh.

With so many criteria to choose from, the trio of Big Ten teams just outside the top four - No. 5 MI, the No. 6 University of Wisconsin, No. 7 Penn State - instantly became a polarizing topic heading into the final week of the season.

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"I think that MI is the second best team (in the Big 10)". This Saturday, Washington will play No. 8 Colorado in the Pac-12 Championship. Exhibit A of that is 9-3 USC, which has won eight straight games and beaten teams like Colorado and Washington in that stretch, but can not crack the committee's top 10.

By late Saturday night, the all-important College Football Playoff (CFP) picture will hopefully be settled, at least that's what the Selection Committee is hoping. 3 and 4 in the final CFP poll?

In this case, the committee would be deciding between a MI team with two losses, (that on the field clearly looks like a top-four team in the country) and a two loss Big Ten champ that lost to the Wolverines head to head. The committee will have to decide whether it wants to put in both teams or just one - and it doesn't necessarily have to be Penn State.

It may be hard to predict what the committee is going to do, but based on precedent and a tiny amount of logic, here's three things that would help MI be one of those teams. "If you had absolute chaos, if Clemson and Washington both lost, I think the (selection committee) has made it very clear they're not taking a Big 12 team, so I don't think it's completely insane".

The Sooners got crushed by Ohio State in Norman.

If Alabama and Ohio State are locks, Penn State and Wisconsin need help. MI will have no guarantees coming into Selection Sunday no matter what happens this weekend, but if both Washington and Clemson lose, the Wolverines should be feeling pretty safe. For some reason, the committee has Florida State ranked ahead of Louisville.

Saturday's win for the Ohio State football team over MI in double overtime solidified the Buckeyes as a playoff contender. He also talked about the "small separation" between Washington and MI.

If Clemson and Washington win, then UW will probably stay at #4 barring an absolute blowout of Colorado and a less-than-convincing victory by Clemson, in which case the two could swap places. It does not have to be the determining factor in who will be in the final four. The Buckeyes have the best record in the Big Ten Conference.