Federal judge rejects push for Pennsylvania recount

Federal judge rejects push for Pennsylvania recount

Federal judge rejects push for Pennsylvania recount

When the vote was certified Monday, Trump had won 22,748 more votes than his opponent, Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Stein raised more than $7 million to seek recounts of the presidential vote in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

According to information provided by the state Elections Commission just before the recount began, 47 counties in Wisconsin planned to conduct their recount entirely by hand, 13 to use a combination of optical scanners and hand count, and 12 to use only optical scanners.

Courts have blocked recounts in MI and Pennsylvania.

Suspicion of a hacked Pennsylvania election "borders on the irrational" while granting the Green Party's recount bid could "ensure that that no Pennsylvania vote counts" given Tuesday's federal deadline to certify the vote for the Electoral College, Diamond wrote.

Stein paid for the Wisconsin recount after crowdsourcing the $3.5 million required.

The Stein campaign announced Tuesday it was ending its recount fundraising campaign, which it reported raised $7.33 million from almost 161,300 donors.

SCOTT PELLEY: The effort to recount the presidential vote in states that put Mr. Trump over the top is over the top is largely over.

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The decision was the Green Party's latest roadblock in Pennsylvania after hitting numerous walls in county and state courts.

Despite winning the national popular vote by more than 2 percent, Clinton would have had to sweep those states to win the presidency under the U.S. Electoral College system, which assigns electoral votes state-by-state rather than by overall national totals.

The Wisconsin recount was expected to conclude Monday. But if it is less, she would be refunded the difference.

"Most importantly, there is no credible evidence that any "hack" occurred, and compelling evidence that Pennsylvania's voting system was not in any way compromised", Diamond wrote.

Pennsylvania Republican leaders held a news conference Tuesday in Northeast Philadelphia to denounce Stein's recount efforts in the state. The campaign said it spent $7.4 million in the three states, but may have some money returned by MI and Wisconsin.

A lawyer for the Green Party said Monday they were disappointed and unable to immediately say whether they would appeal.

Earlier in the day, U.S. District Court Judge James Patterson rebuffed an effort by attorneys for Trump to end the recount.

Election officials in all three states, along with judges who heard lawsuits filed both by Stein and pro-Trump forces, said there was no evidence to support such claims.