Activists Warn Obama Not to Turn His Back on Israel

President-elect Donald Trump stepped into an global showdown Thursday as Egypt postponed a vote on a United Nations resolution declaring Israel's settlements in Palestinian areas a violation of worldwide law. Washington has historically vetoed anti-Israel resolutions at the United Nations, with Democratic and Republican administrations, both houses of Congress, and multiple foreign policy experts, including veteran peace negotiators, stressing that Israeli-Palestinian peace can only be reached through bilateral negotiations.

A draft of the resolution calls on Israel to "immediately and completely cease all settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem".

Earlier, Netanyahu also urged President Barack Obama to veto the "anti-Israel resolution".

A construction site that is part of the Israeli settlement of Beitar Illit, in the occupied West Bank. But it has also kept up the longstanding USA tradition of trying to head off anti-Israel resolutions at the UN.

"We are continuing our diplomatic efforts on all fronts to ensure that this disgraceful resolution will not pass the Security Council", he said.

T he USA has for decades acted as a mediator in the Israel-Palestine conflict, in 1993 aiding the agreement of the historic Oslo Accords which saw the establishment of the Palestinian Authority.

United Nations diplomats have for weeks speculated as to whether the administration of President Barack Obama would decide to refrain from using its veto to defend its closest ally in the Middle East. His ambassador designate to Israel, David Friedman, is a New York-based bankruptcy lawyer who has helped raised millions of dollars for a West Bank settlement.

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Although Israel had been concerned for months that the Palestinians might push an anti-settlement resolution, or that New Zealand - now a Security Council member - might bring forward a new Middle East resolution, it was taken by surprise by the Egyptian move, diplomatic officials admitted. If the resolution had passed without USA objection, it would have been falsely branded Israel as violating worldwide law.

Western diplomats at the United Nations said Egypt postponed the vote after circulating a draft of it, the Wall Street Journal reported. In their eyes, refusing to strike down the resolution would make the United States complicit in the UN's long history of criticism of Israeli policy.

"This... is extremely unfair to all Israelis", Obama added.

The U.S., along with China, France, Great Britain and Russian Federation, is one of five permanent Security Council members with the power to kill any resolution. "If there's changes to the text, obviously we'll take a look at that".

(CNN) Anyone interested in a just and durable resolution to the Palestine-Israel conflict should be disturbed watching the Donald Trump transition unfold. That is not to say that dissenting views have not been held both in Israel and the United States.

A measure before the Security Council would have called for an end to new Israeli settlements built on disputed areas claimed by Palestinians.

Israeli officials are calling for a shift as well. Diplomats said there was no time frame for when the vote may now occur and said it could be put off indefinitely.