Kid Uses Sleeping Mom's Fingerprints To Buy Pokemon Gifts

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A resourceful 6-year-old girl spent $250 on "Pokemon" merchandise after using her sleeping mother's thumbprint to access the adult's phone.

At first she thought the account had been hacked by a crafty cyber criminal. She grabbed her mother's iPhone, and her exhausted mother's thumb to unlock it - then proceeded to order herself US$250 (S$363) worth of Pokemon items on Amazon.

That's when little Ashlynd seized the opportunity to indulge in her love for all things Pokémon.

"We laid there and two minutes into the movie I fell asleep because I was wiped out", she said.

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What would you do if your kid went on an online spending spree and left you with the bill?

Mrs Howell was so exhausted she did not realise what had happened until she opened her iPhone the next day to discover to her shock that Amazon had confirmed 13 orders for Pokemon products. Using one to protect your phone and the other to protect apps within your phone would be best. Howell managed to return only four of the items, so Howell told Ashlynd that Santa had found out her misdeed and that Santa wouldn't be bringing anything else over for Christmas - just the unreturned Pokémon items. "I didn't know she knew what Amazon was", Howell said.

Don't worry though, Howell and he partnered played it off well, telling their daughter that Santa had found out what she was after and turned the suspiciously ordered items as Christmas presents.