Microsoft Might Finally Kill Automatic Windows 10 Updates

While Microsoft hopes that this scenario never happens, seeing as it has already occurred several times with Windows 10, it's inevitable it will happen again. A glimpse of this feature was seen in the recently leaked Windows 10 Insider Build 14997.

If you don't want automatic updates for some reason, you'll be able to pause them for up to 35 days.

It appears that Microsoft is working on a "Game Mode" for Windows 10 that will improve performance while playing games.

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Another factor that is likely to put many Windows 10 users' minds at ease is the fact that Microsoft's brand-new browser, Edge, has much better security than Internet Explorer.

I've asked Microsoft for a comment about this possible upcoming feature, and we'll update this story with any new information. By allocating resources away from background apps, games should perform better than when they are sharing compute cycles with Apple's software update tool or whatever the hell else is running on your machine. This means that once an update is released, say on Patch Tuesday, you can wait until the next Patch Tuesday to install it should you think that it might cause problems on your PC. This shouldn't worry anybody as these updates don't play any part in deciding the OS stability.

Other notable features spotted in the build are f.lux (available for Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS) and blue light reduction mode, which functions similar to Apple's Night Shift mode. So, we can't confirm if this feature will make an appearance in Pro or Home SKUs. It is noted that such a feature was a popular request in the Microsoft Feedback Hub.