Minimum wage rises in CT as New Year begins

1229_Minimum Wage

1229_Minimum Wage

At the time, CT was the first state to pass legislation committing to a $10.10 hourly wage, which President Barack Obama had sought for the federal minimum wage. Two more states and the District of Columbia will raise the minimum later in the year.

The 2016 OH minimum wage was $8.10 per hour for non-tipped employees and $4.05 for tipped employees.

A panel created by the Connecticut General Assembly is recommending a gradual increase to $15 an hour.

Even if Puzder is confirmed, the movement to raise minimum wages at the state and local level will prevail, Sonn said.

While the federal minimum wage remains unchanged, state legislatures in 21 states, several of them controlled by Republicans traditionally skeptical of mandated wage increases, have drafted laws to increase their state's hourly pay rate floor, though not all will take place on January 1.

Florida has not followed the lead of California and NY, which have approved laws to eventually raise the minimum wage in their states to $15 an hour.

- In Arizona, the minimum wage will increase from $8.05 to $10.

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"The new labor secretary has been opposed to the interests of workers on nearly every level, including expanding overtime wages and raising the minimum wage", said Paul Sonn, general counsel and program director at the National Employment Law Project, a workers' rights group.

- In Colorado, the minimum wage will increase from $8.31 to $9.30. She wants to raise it and tie the new wage to inflation.

- In Missouri, the minimum wage will increase from $7.65 to $7.70.

The new wage only applies to companies with annual gross receipts of more than $299,000 a year.

- In Ohio, the minimum wage will increase from $8.10 to $8.15.

In Vermont, the minimum wage moves to $10 per hour, up from $9.60. Voters in Alaska, Nebraska and South Dakota favored increases that year.