Arnold Schwarzenegger's 'Celebrity Apprentice' Catchphrase Is an '80s Mash-Up

Eric Dickerson Chael Sonnen Vince Neil Ricky Williams John Lovitz Carson Kressley Matt Iseman and Boy George are winners

Eric Dickerson Chael Sonnen Vince Neil Ricky Williams John Lovitz Carson Kressley Matt Iseman and Boy George are winners

SPOILERS! Don't continue if you haven't watched the premiere of Celebrity Apprentice yet! He acknowledges the big change of the show now being in California, everyone cheers.

Another factor that may have contributed to the lower ratings for the Season 8 premiere is simply that some NBC affiliates are now blacked out to those who subscribe to DirectTV.

'This idea was first announced in September 2015.

The NBC show first began with President-elect Donald Trump hosting the competition. The Apprentice is the ur-text of the Trump persona.

The Daily Beast said Tuesday that the "new host Arnold Schwarzenegger's verbose and self-referential catchphrase, 'You're terminated". His Wikipedia bio says he was a millionaire by age 30, based at least in part on his success as an global body-building star, and before the onset of his movie career.

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For icing on the proverbial cake, he then says: "Hasta la vista, baby!". The new tagline is "You're terminated!" The premieres of NBC's revamped Celebrity Apprentice and ABC's The Bachelor went head-to-head, and it proved to be a surprisingly easy win for romance.

For all NBC's efforts at rebranding, virtually nothing about the show, except for a brief biographical sequence highlighting his journey from body-builder to action star to politician, has been adjusted to reflect Schwarzenegger's interests or image.

This other Schwarzenegger was introduced by the ex-governor as a nephew who is also a Hollywood attorney with a celebrity clientele. On Oct. 2, 2003, the Los Angeles Times published the stories of six women who said Schwarzenegger either touched them inappropriately, tried to remove their clothes or pulled them onto his lap, after which he asked inappropriate questions.

The challenges continue to be nothing more than extended advertisements, in this case for new boardroom advisor Tyra Banks' new makeup line and for Trident (a "giant in the chewing gum industry", Schwarzenegger helpfully explained). In actual fact, it was two episodes made into one.

YouTube personality Carrie Keagan was the first victim of the season to feel the wrath of Schwarzenegger, sending her to the chopper (literally!). Carnie therefore chose to take Snooki and Lisa back into the boardroom with her. Reality TV stars are unpredictable, merciless, catty, and gloriously themselves. I was proud to see Nicole not just lay down and die, she showed that Jersey Shore spirit and it was Carrie who was sent packing.