Customs outage causes long lines at airports

Customs outage causes long lines at airports

Customs outage causes long lines at airports

CBP took immediate action to address the issue and CBP officers continue to process global travelers using alternative procedures at airports experiencing the disruption.

Thousands of travellers in the U.S. were forced to wait hours in line after a customs computer system crashed at airports around the country. "It was like a line of a thousand people", said traveler Megan Martin. Airports in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Boston and Atlanta were impacted.

The U.S.Customs Border Protection confirmed that there was no indication that the disruption was malicious in nature. The cause remained under investigation. "Thanks for your patience", Miami International Airport said on its Twitter feed. Even after service resumed, the airport said it would take extra time for CBP officers to process.

An outage of U.S. Customs and Border Protections processing systems Monday night caused huge delays and disruptions for incoming worldwide travelers at American airports.

CBP officers continued processing worldwide travelers using "alternative procedures" until the system came back online but waits were longer than usual at some airports, according to the statement.

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At San Francisco Airport, college student Chinedu Elendu was returning from family vacation in Nigeria. "Get someone down here to explain things and direct the lines ASAP". "There were babies in line, service dogs - it was bad", Martin said.

Other airports around the country experienced delays as well.

The outage caused Global Entry systems to go down on Monday.

Please be advised, @CustomsBorder outage is nationwide.