AT&T: CEO didn't talk Time Warner with Trump

AT&T: CEO didn't talk Time Warner with Trump

AT&T: CEO didn't talk Time Warner with Trump

After spending about an hour in Trump Tower offices, Mr. Stephenson and Robert Quinn, the company's top executive in Washington, D.C., declined to comment after they left the building. Since then, he has also called out CNN for its coverage on the allegations of Russian election tampering and the reported ties between Trump and Vladimir Putin. The Justice Department can require targeted divestments to reduce the overall size of a firm, or the FCC could apply requirements that aim to constrain how a business may behave after a merger. But AT&T stated yesterday that the merger did not come up during the meeting, and that Trump and Stephenson instead discussed how AT&T can help grow the USA economy and job market.

It could also face a review by the Federal Communications Commission, although the companies are considering ways to structure the deal to avoid that.

Earlier this week, the president-elect took the feud a step further by refusing to answer questions from a CNN reporter and condemning the network as "Fake News".

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), Trump's pick for attorney general, said at his confirmation hearing this week that he would not have a problem blocking mergers.

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Time Warner's stock was virtually unchanged after the press conference. CNN has its own viewership constituency and may actually benefit.

After their much-publicized meeting with President-elect Donald Trump last month, many prominent figures in tech appear to be circling back to Trump Tower.

But if AT&T wants to use jobs as a sweetener for Trump, Fritzsche indicated they might have a leg to stand on.

But with AT&T's massive merger still pending, and with Trump having publicly opposed the deal, it would surprising if the acquisition was not brought up in the meeting. "But I don't know what part of the deal he's referring to". That would leave only the Justice Department review standing in the way and, according to Fritzsche, the DoJ's chances of blocking the deal in court would be slim to none.