Deadpool Just Launched Its Oscar Campaign In The Most Deadpool Way

And considering the unusual and, like Deadpool, messed up year that 2016 was, it honestly doesn't feel all that surprising that this movie actually managed to grab a spot for two Golden Globes nominations.

While there's a little momentum now working in the film's favor, ultimately, "Deadpool's" golden Oscar target will be hard to hit.

Ryan Reynolds shared a Deadpool FYC ad to his Twitter Friday, and it's exactly the kind you may expect from the irreverent and crude-joking movie.

Will Deadpool get a Best Picture nom?

It's worth acknowledging that Deadpool is a genre blockbuster movie, the likes of which rarely receive major recognition beyond technical categories at the Oscars.

So could Deadpool become the first superhero film to be nominated for Best Picture?

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So, for now, the "Deadpool" Oscar dream is alive. Most of all, it edged out Martin Scorses's "Silence" in the nominations for Outstanding Producer of Theatrical Motion Pictures at the Producer's Guild of America.

Can they just give them an Oscar for best movie marketing?

Ryan Reynolds, the actor who played Deadpool, was nominated for Best Actor at the Golden Globes.

If you happen to follow the Oscars every year, then that won't be altogether surprising. It lost in both categories to this year's awards darling La La Land, but the fact that it received nominations was a shock to many veteran award-season experts - and just the latest in a long list of ways the raunchy action-comedy based on the Marvel Comics character has taken Hollywood by surprise.

As the Academy Awards approach, "For Your Consideration" advertising will begin to ramp up to a fever pitch, and no movie is above utilizing such tactics and techniques to gain the attention of Academy voters.