Not Twitter: CIA boss says Trump should watch Russian Federation

CIA boss: Trump does not understand Russia

CIA boss: Trump does not understand Russia

"While I have great respect for John Lewis and for his contributions, particularly to the civil rights movement, I was deeply disappointed to see someone of his stature question the legitimacy of Donald Trump's election as president and say he's not attending the inauguration", Pence said on "Fox News Sunday".

Last week reacting to a leaked dossier of unverified information about Trump and Russian Federation the president-elect tweeted, "Intelligence agencies should never have allowed this fake news to "leak" into the public".

But he fired back at the intelligence community for leaking an unverified dossier that suggested Russian Federation allegedly compiled damaging information about him, equating the spy agencies to Nazi Germany.

"It's more than just about Mr. Trump", Brennan said.

Responding to news reports that Trump is planning to lift sanctions on Russia, Brennan observed that Trump does not has much information on the capabilities of Russia. Mr Trump tweeted on Wednesday.

That sustained criticism of the intelligence community is risky for more than just morale at the CIA or the FBI, Brennan said: it sends a message to other countries.

Brennan, a veteran national security official, said that the intelligence community had "no interest" in undermining Trump and his team, and that his public denunciations of intelligence agencies posed problems.

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Brennan said "talking and tweeting" is not an option for Trump, who will be inaugurated as the 45th USA president on January 20. "Are we living in Nazi Germany?"

U.S. intelligence agencies allege that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a covert effort to interfere in the election to boost Trump, 70, and harm his opponent, Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Vice president-elect Mike Pence, meanwhile, denied Sunday the claim, telling "Fox News Sunday", "of course not", when asked.

"So, I think Mr. Trump has to be very disciplined in terms of what it is that he says publicly".

"Spontaneity is not something that protects national security interests", Brennan said.

Brennan also warned Trump about Russia's intentions. For their part, Russian officials have denied compiling any information on the president-elect's private affairs. "I think a lot of countries, including the United States, could have been more aggressive and proactive in terms of what we should have done to - to prevent the - the deterioration into so much bloodshed in Syria".