You Won't Believe The Size Of This Alligator They Filmed In Florida

Accuweather  YouTube  Storyful

Accuweather YouTube Storyful

A massive gator caused quite a stir when it took a recent stroll on a central Florida nature reserve.

Residents in the Houston area have spotted our share of big alligators, but some of our sightings can't compare to the giant gators that people see in Florida. The largest alligator captured on record in the state was a little more than 14 feet long, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission.

Remember when a enormous alligator took over the internet last May by casually strolling across a golf course in Palmetto, Florida?

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"Yes, it's real", Joiner told News 6 social media producer Shannon McLellan.

When asked about the beast's weight, Joiner said, "Huge!" "The gators cross often and I saw this one coming so I wasn't scared, just gave him space".

"I love Circle B. Nature at its best", Joiner wrote on the post, which has been shared more than 18,000 times. Wildlife experts believed that one was about 15-feet long.