Rapunzel grows her hair back in Tangled sequel trailer

It wasn't a stylistic choice to fit in; rather, Eugene had chopped off Rapunzel's hair to keep Mother Gothel away from its magical healing abilities.

The sequel appears to take place in between the time of Tangled and Tangled: Ever After, and the trailer begins by showing Rapunzel with a head full of very short brunette hair - a hair 'do she ended up with at the end of the original film. When running through the woods with another woman, we can see Rapunzel's short brown locks, glow and grow "70-feet", within seconds.

Expect some controversy around Rapunzel having her hair back. See for yourself in a new trailer for the TV movie that has this description: "You may think you know Rapunzel's story, but find out what happens before ever after". Either that or the answer is lost on even her.

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Fans of Tangled, rejoice - for a TV movie of the fairytale is galloping towards us at full speed, seven years after the original was released in cinemas. The two tied the knot in "Tangled: Ever After" in 2012.

Rapunzel, Flynn "Eugene" Rider, Pascal the chameleon and sassy horse Maximus are all back, along with real-life actors Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi reprising their roles as the long-haired princess and Rider respectively. In addition, Broadway star, Eden Espinosa, has joined the cast as Cassandra, a kick-butt handmaiden, according to Entertainment Weekly. Okay, so not everything has changed.

Tangled: Before Ever After will premiere on the Disney Channel in March, and the series is set to air at some point after.