Facebook Blocks Media Posts for RT Following Obama's Final Presser



RT was expecting Facebook to limit its posting privileges until Saturday, but the social media giant removed the ban on Thursday.

"We were blocked while livestreaming Obama's final press-conference".

Although it was claimed that the TV channel Current Time, which is part of the USA government-funded Radio Free Europe, had made a complaint about RT's use of the stream, this was denied by Current Time. "Yet, if American social networks continue to place this unprecedented pressure on RT, we will be forced to take countermeasures". But RT also reported that Current Time TV, when asked, told the news organization they did not send in any complaints regarding either RT or any other news outlets. "Such things happen because (for example) some other news media live streams carry the same shots and feed, and Facebook considers this a copyright violation". The Russian news outlet also explained that it was carrying the live stream with translation to Russian simultaneously and that it had "all the necessary rights for that feed".

"There is no reason from our side as to why RT should not have been able to freely transmit our signal via their own FB page", AP Editorial Liaison Representative Phoebe Paulus told the news outlet in an email.

In addition to Facebook, the Russian media further said it has been denied access to Dataminr, a Twitter-based news-breaking service supporting numerous news agencies worldwide.

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Dataminr also referenced a notice sent to the news network on November 30 regarding its decision not to renew its term of service, so the agreement between them expired on December 31.

Even if it's a mistake, RT claims, it was "convenient".

Facebook temporarily blocks the access of media outlet Russia Today (RT) to post in its official site.

Dataminr continues to work with other US law enforcement agencies including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which signed a one-year contract with the startup in November to obtain 200 software licenses, citing the startup's "unique" ability to alert it to breaking news and events in "near real-time".

Twitter confirmed last month that it had also directed Dataminr to cut off access to 77 other USA regional surveillance offices, known as fusion centers, in response to concerns raised by the American Civil Liberties Union. RT later added an update asserting that was the case.