You can now wake Amazon's Alexa with 'Computer'

By default, the wake word is "Alexa", with "Amazon" and "Echo" as alternatives.

Now, those who are interested in changing the wake word to "computer" can opt for the option by accessing their speakers' online settings panel.

If you've ever stared longingly at your smart devices and wished they would respond when you're doing your best Capt. Jean-Luc Picard impression, we've got some good news for you: Amazon has added "computer" to its list of words that will wake up its digital assistant Alexa on Echo devices.

Alexa, Amazon's own virtual assistant, features on the Amazon Echo, and could well be integrated with LG's own IoT devices in the future - though nothing is concrete at this point.

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Alexa devices provide a hardware button to stop her from listening completely, or you can use a DIY method like THIS ONE to use voice to halt Alexa's listening operations. Pick "Computer" from the drop-down menu and tap save.

Whether you are part of the "Star Trek" fandom or not, the latest move of Seattle-based company Amazon definitely brings Amazon Echo to a whole new level. I don't need to explain how cool this is to Star Trek nerds.

It's very much like "Star Trek", where the crew of the starship Enterprise activates the ship's computer with voice commands: "Computer, end program".

Today, TrackR, a leader in personal item management innovations, announced an updated version of the Find My Phone skill for Amazon Alexa, the cloud-based voice service behind the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot, that gives people the comfort of always knowing the exact location of their phone. After you make the change the device light ring flashes orange one time.