Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton collapses while addressing legislators

Governor Mark Dayton caused Minnesotans much concern Monday night when he fainted during his State of the State speech.

Minn. Gov. Mark Dayton fainted 40 minutes into his State of the State address Monday night, slurring his words and striking his head on a lectern before collapsing. Lawmakers rushed to help escort the 69-year-old governor out of the chamber, and his staff reported that he "quickly recovered" at home and will resume his normal schedule on January 24.

Republicans on Tuesday resumed their opposition to the governor, pushing back on the amount of spending and an over-reliance on taxes and tax increases in areas the Republicans feel are regressive, including the governor's proposal for a gas tax increase to help fund the state's long-term transportation needs.

His son, Eric Dayton, tweeted that the governor was "doing great" and thanked people for their support.

The governor previously fainted during a political function a year ago and was treated for dehydration at the time. Dan Schoen (DFL) said, according to the Associated Press.

In a statement Monday, state House Speaker Kurt Daudt said, "Gov. Dayton is in my thoughts and prayers tonight".

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Dayton appeared to stumble as he first entered the House chamber, but joked it away, saying he should have attended the walkthrough.

At a news conference Tuesday to deliver his 2017 state budget, Dayton said doctors at the Mayo Clinic, the prestigious medical research center in Rochester, Minnesota, diagnosed him as having prostate cancer on Friday.

Video of the event showed aides rushing to catch Dayton before he fell to the floor.

"I'm going to give Minnesotans the assurance I'm functioning normally, which I certainly believe I am", Dayton said. Most of Dayton's transportation plan would come from these new revenues, and not from the existing general fund budget.

The governor, who turns 70 Thursday, has had a history of health issues since taking office.