Nintendo returns to quarterly operating profit but cuts full-year outlook

Probably the most unlucky console from Nintendo, the Wii U, has officially ended its production in Japan. Kimishima said the proportion of people opting to buy the game fell below the company's expectations of a double-digit conversion rate.

Nintendo has said it plans to release around 3 mobile games a year, with two titles - Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem - planned for the coming months.

The company's console sales have stagnated as the company prepares to bring the Nintendo Switch, it's new flagship device, to market.

If you've been having issues pre-ordering a Nintendo Switch, then you might be pleased to hear that Nintendo is planning to ramp up production.

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The first run of Switch consoles are due to sell out in pre-orders - but investors are skeptical about the hybrid machine's long term earning potential. Nintendo, for what it's worth, recognizes that this is an issue, with Nintendo CEO Tatsumi Kimishima telling The Wall Street Journal's Takashi Mochizuki that it will increase production. The biggest test is whether its core idea of portable and home gameplay will resonate with consumers. Nintendo expected only adults between 30-40 years who grew up playing NES as a kid would buy Nontendo Switch. The company projects a January-March operating loss as it spends heavily to sell its latest game system, the Switch. "Sure, the 3DS still exists and gets support from Nintendo, but chances are the numbers will never be this high again".

Nintendo has just over a month to make as much stock as possible. Nintendo sold 196,000 units in the a price of $60 during November, researcher NPD reported last month.

Gamestop, the USA game retailer shop would only get 30 Nintendo Swtich units for sale.