EU's Tusk says Trump administration statements 'worrying'

EU's Tusk says Trump administration statements 'worrying'

EU's Tusk says Trump administration statements 'worrying'

Like this, Poland's former Prime Minister place the US president as one of the main threats to the continent together with "Russia's aggressive policy, and terror and anarchy in the Middle East". Leaders are reported to have been hesitant to take action given the strength of ties between the U.S. and the EU.

"We don't want to get fired", one senior European Union diplomat said in reference to Trump's reality TV catchphrase.

In a recent interview with Germany's Bild newspaper, Mr Trump confirmed his view of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation alliance as "obsolete".

He added that at a time when the need for a strong European voice was more important than ever, "we are optimistic that this will be stronger and more sensible than ever".

Laying out issues leaders may address in a 60th anniversary declaration at Rome in March, Tusk said the European Union unity built after World War Two and the Cold War was needed "to avoid another historic catastrophe".

Many European leaders were categorical in their condemnation of the suspension of immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries and of refugee resettlement.

President Trump Becomes Latest Republican to Impose 'Global Gag Rule'
Bush after he took office in 2001 and then overturned by President Obama shortly after his 2009 inauguration. The rule is known as the "Mexico City policy" by its supporters and the "global gag rule" by its foes.

All 28 European Union leaders will discuss Europe's migration crisis at Friday's summit in Valletta, Malta.

"In a world full of tension and confrontation", Tusk invited the EU's leaders to show courage, pride and dignity, and to stand up for Europe "regardless of whether we are talking to Russia, China, the United States or Turkey... and oppose the rhetoric of demagogues, who claim that European integration is beneficial only to the elites, that ordinary people have only suffered as its result, and that countries will cope better on their own, rather than together".

This time of peace - for which the European Union won a Nobel Peace Prize in 2012 - has, according to Tusk, allowed E.U. member nations to govern without dependence on "great superpowers" like the United States, and the European Council president stressed the importance of remaining united.

"We should use the change in the trade strategy of the U.S. to the EU's advantage by intensifying our talks with interested partners, while defending our interests at the same time", Tusk added.

And in a parting shot to Trump, Tusk said: "We should also firmly defend the global order based on the rule of law".

"We should remind our American friends of their own motto: United we stand, divided we fall".