Final Fantasy 7 Remake Gets New Key Visual, Showcases Cloud And Sephiroth

Despite plans for the game to be released episodically, it will significantly expand on the original PlayStation game. "We overhauled the game balance so that it would be easier for players - closer to the feel of a classic Final Fantasy title".

"Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age" will launch for PlayStation 4 in North America and Europe on July 11, and on July 13 it will be made available in Japan and Asia. The attractive poster, by character designer and artist Akihiko Yoshida, does a wonderful job of setting the tone and establishing the style of the game. The reimagined version of the science-fantasy roleplaying epic, expected in multiple installments, is still due who knows when.

Kitase: "We're still brushing up the scenes we showed you in the trailer".

Square Enix has just announced the release date of the "Final Fantasy XII" remastered version.

Final Fantasy XV wouldn't really be much of a Final Fantasy game if it didn't include one of the series' most popular and long running features: summons. Unfortunately, that's all the information about Final Fantasy VII Remake, which is still now in development.

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Kitase: "I have hope that it will happen, but that still hasn't been decided". Tabata states that the debate regarding the DLC issue started after the company have announced that they will keep updating the single-player content of "Final Fantasy XV".

Another character, Gilgamesh, will also appear in the "Episode Gladiolus" of the Final Fantasy XV update.

Kitase: "Final Fantasy VII spreads out laterally in a compilation". This time it's called the Magitek Exosuit. The DLC will get to experience the entire game from his POV, complete with action and fighting gameplay that's different from Noctis's.

Australian fans have yet to receive news about the release of the "Final Fantasy XII" remaster in their area.

Those looking forward to Final Fantasy VII Remake should be aware of a key word: remake.