'Cash me Ousside' girl punches airline passenger

In her online reenactment of the incident, using a pillow to represent the woman with whom she fought, Bregoli says that she only "hit her one time" and says that her mom "put her hands on her throat and pushed her back" after the woman challenged Bregoli to a fight.

The woman also spits at Danielle and her mother.

Danielle is expected to make a return appearance on "Dr. Phil" later in February.

A troubled U.S. teen who shot to fame after uttering "cash me outside" on Dr Phil has turned an airline flight into a boxing match after she punched another passenger.

The woman continues to try and fight both the Cash Me Outside and her mother, yelling that her husband is a cop and that she was assaulted. However, shortly after police boarded the plane the three of them were escorted off.

After the punch, the other passenger made a citizens' arrest.

Bregoli then approaches the woman and starts screaming in her face as her mom holds her back.

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HollywoodLifers, what do you think of Danielle getting kicked off the plane?

All of those involved said that lawyers are going to handle the situation from this point on.

Reddit explains a bit about how the 13-year-old Danielle Bregoli came into fame and became an Internet wonder and meme.

As she was speaking, Dr. Phil kept asking her to repeat herself because he couldn't understand all the slang she was throwing around.

Danielle Bregoli, best known as the "Cash Me Outside" girl due to a memorable appearance on the Dr. Phil show a year ago, has now gone viral for a reason outside of her very odd word usage.

"Cash me outside. Howbah dah". Her commentary is just as insane as you'd expect it to be. Whatever the true case may be, she is quite lucky that charges weren't pressed, but it seems as if she may benefit with another visit to Dr. Phil McGraw.