JK Rowling Drags Piers Morgan on Twitter for Defending Trump

Rowling then replied, before Piers claimed that everything he said on the U.S. political show was "accurate".

The ban, which prevented travellers from seven muslim-majority states, caused protests across America as well as internationally.

"There is no Muslim ban", Morgan says, to which Jefferies instantly replies, "Oh f-k off!"

After Morgan defended the ban by saying there was no ban, Australian comedian Jim Jeffries cut in and said, "Oh, fuck off!" You say "he's not going to do this, he's not going to do that". Meanwhile, Jefferies continued comparing the president to Hitler.

Morgan repeatedly referenced and linked to his Daily Mail column where he wrote about his opposition to the travel ban, which he insisted is not unfairly targeting Muslims, and accused anti-Trump supporters of "hysteria". This tweet-off revealed Morgan has never experienced the pure joy of reading a Harry Potter book. What was so significant about this is that even Bill Maher himself was silent during the exchange.

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At press time, he's still stammering away and trying to attack every living soul on Twitter - you know, the typical Piers "please pay attention to me" Morgan kind of behavior we've all come to know.

"Would you like a couple of hours to mock up some pictures of refugees carrying explosives to substantiate your position?"

Later Rowling warned Morgan that his sycophantic attitude to Trump would be his downfall.

The sparring partners have previous form.

The argument inevitably made its way online, and saw a number of celebrities chime in including J. K. Rowling and Patton Oswalt. "Can't wait to not watch that either", he said blankly to his excited co-presenters, Susanna Reid and Charlotte Hawkins.