Apple needs Samsung for the iPhone 8

Apple needs Samsung for the iPhone 8

Apple needs Samsung for the iPhone 8

Milunovich believes that if the market were to value Apple's services business in line with other publicly traded comparable peers, shares would "be at least 10% higher". Unsurprisingly, these rumors have been met with much protest from iPhone fans, with many accusing Apple of cheaping out on its loyal customers.

The display is one of the most expensive components of a smartphone. OLED screens are more hard to produce, making Apple beholden to suppliers still working to manufacture the displays in mass quantities. Apple has been exploring newer alternatives for OLED supply as it face stiff competition from rivals such as Samsung and Huawei to provide better quality displays along with efficient power management.

Samsung is the biggest manufacturer of OLED panels in the world, which are found on around 70 percent of the company's smartphones.

The plant in Mianyang will the same capacity and size as the Chengdu, but won't start production for another two years. The company now operates only a small OLED factory in remote Inner Mongolia.

SpaceX's Latest Test Brings Rockets Back to NASA's Most Famous Launch Pad
Before the company renovated the launch pad, it hosted many historic launches, including Apollo 11 to the moon. The tests showed that both first stage engines as well as the rocket are ready for launch.

Eventually, when the two plants are in full operation, BOE hopes to manufacture 1.6 million square-meters of flexible AMOLED glass substrates a year, which is more than the current estimates for the total number that was globally produced in 2016.

DigiTimes says the Foxconn Technology will be the supplier for the steel metal frame, while another metal chassis supplier called Casetek is also "aggressively sending engineering samples to Apple". Additionally, the area will incorporate new biometric technologies to replace Touch ID, a feature Apple introduced back in 2013. All iPhone 7 models have liquid-crystal display screens. So the overall price of this particular iPhone is expected to cross $1000.

Earlier this month, Apple released a quarterly report that showed the company sold 78.3 million iPhones, which produced $54.38 billion in revenue, during the three months that ended December 31.