AT&T will offer unlimited data for all customers tomorrow

That led to Sprint changing up its own unlimited plan, in light of Verizon's introduction to the game and T-Mobile's continued effort to remain the Un-carrier. AT&T, which has been offering unlimited data behind a paywall of a DirecTV subscription, decided that it, too, should probably expand availability of the oft-requested unlimited data. Each additional line runs $40, and customers can add an optional "Roam North America" feature that lets them call, text, and use data in Canada and Mexico for no additional charge. That was evident earlier this week when Verizon caved and announced an unlimited data plan after avoiding them for several. years. Of note, AT&T also has the most expensive unlimited plan - it's even pricier than Verizon's plan.

"I guess it can be considered as a price war if you look at the different options in terms of tiers and data". Fortunately, unlimited subscribers can turn off the Stream Saver feature, which will enable HD video streaming - AT&T is likely hoping most people don't for the sake of bandwidth. In comparison, Sprint's offer costs only $65, while T-Mobile's One plan and Verizon's plan have price tags of $70 and $85 (including taxes), respectively. T-Mo's network also matches Verizon's 4G download speeds, according to OpenSignal. However, AT&T's unlimited plan can't be used as a hotspot service like the other companies offer, but it does offer corporate discounts unlike Verizon.

Well, clearly the carriers have sorted it out and can make money now, or else unlimited plans wouldn't be back. AT&T will slow down users when they enter busy or "congested" areas if they exceed a data threshold of 22GB in a month.

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In other words, video appears to no longer be de-prioritized whatsoever, a welcome shift from T-Mobile's past policies.

Video quality has been a big part of these unlimited data plans. Those who are with the carrier are offered unlimited data for media streaming, web browsing, social media access, or instant messaging. You need to pay only $220 per month until the credit starts. The tweaks replace a plan announced February 1 that priced the five lines at $140 a month. However, for the first two months there will be a $40 line charge.

Sprint is bent on offering the "nations's best price" as well.