20 best Oscar-winning movies on Netflix right now

Land incorrectly called at Oscars

Land incorrectly called at Oscars

A few of the films up for Oscars at this Sunday's Academy Awards were just released Tuesday morning for watching at home!

He has also hosted post-show special Jimmy Kimmel Live: After the Oscars for several years. Men will wear tailored tuxedos and shiny shoes and try to look suave and stylish with their wives/girlfriends or dates on their arm. An Oscar is the highest decoration a film or celebrity can hold, but according to whom?

The 89th annual Academy Awards are this Sunday and politics of one sort or another are likely to be on display as are the most diverse group of acting nominees. "La La Land" however cost a modest $30 million to make and has taken $300 million global box office.

We're going with "Jackie". If no then read on for our predictions of Oscar winners.

Best Picture. Nine films are nominated this year (among a possible ten): "Fences", "Lion", "Hidden Figures", "Hell or High Water", "Hacksaw Ridge", "Arrival", "Manchester by the Sea", "Moonlight", and "La La Land". La La Land equalled the current nominations record, joining ranks with All About Eve, directed by Joseph L Mankiewicz (1951), and James Cameron's Titanic (1998).

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It took director Chazelle, 32, six years to get "La La Land" off the ground, fusing a 1950s musical sensibility with a contemporary love story.

To become an Oscar voter, one must be a film artist now working in "production of theatrically-released motion pictures". His portrayal of Patrick Chandler-a hot-headed yet insecure teenager who just lost his father-in "Manchester by the Sea" deftly complemented Affleck's own remarkable performance. In addition to this, the American Film Institute named it one of the top 10 films of the year, along with several of the other nominees for Best Picture at the Oscars. One of the more memorable moments occurred in 1978 when Vanessa Redgrave won best supporting actress for "Julia" and used her acceptance speech to condemn the "Zionist hoodlums" that had been campaigning against her because of her pro-Palestinian views. In the supporting actor category, Mahershala Ali can't miss for Moonlight. She also won a SAG Award and the Golden Globe for Actress in a Musical or Comedy for the role.

You may be thinking, "So what if it won those awards, they can't predict the Oscars". The film is nominated for Best Director, which probably means it would have made the cut for Best Picture with five nominees.

Casey Affleck is the front runner for Best Actor for his role in the very heavy drama "Manchester by the Sea". But discounting any last minute surprises we would like to place our bets with Damien Chazelle. Yet consensus is that Ali will win. Viola Davis was the leading lady in "Fences", and saying that she gave a powerhouse performance would be an understatement. Her work in "Fences" has earned her honors from BAFTA and the Screen Actors Guild, not to mention a couple dozen other critics' awards. However, little did Sebastian know that Mia will captivate her heart.