Katy Perry goes to which theme park in her latest video?

Katy Perry feat. Skip Marley- 'Chained To The Rhythm'    
    Official Music Video     04:00

Katy Perry feat. Skip Marley- 'Chained To The Rhythm' Official Music Video 04:00

Fast forward to Katy Perry's recent appearance on BBC Radio 1's "Breakfast Show", where she spoke with Nick Grimshaw (Grimmy) about her "Chained to the Rhythm" track and Wednesday night's 2017 Brit Awards.

We found the new Left Shark.

Perry's less-than-subtle parody of the two leaders saw two giant puppet skeletons, dressed up in outfits closely resembling those worn by the pair on 28 January, dancing amid a sea of white houses.

U.S. pop star Katy Perry brought Donald Trump and Theresa May skeletons on stage during her Brit Awards performance.

Yep, one of the houses fell off stage and it's so sad but so, so hilarious.

Katy's most recent appearance at the Brits was in 2014, when she performed her single "Dark Horse".

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Pity that her style moment was overshadowed by yet another stage blunder-gone-viral later when she performed "Chained to the Rhythm" with Skip Marley.

"Oh babes! Thanks for keeping me off the number one spot, THANKS", she said, giving him the middle finger salute.

But KATY PERRY didn't let the fact that the election is well and truly over stop her putting on a politically-driven performance on stage.

Although Katy, a dedicated supporter of Hillary Clinton, has avoided saying anything political about her performance, fans have taken it upon themselves to decipher the meaning behind it. Only time will tell what Fallen House might bring.

Toward the end of Perry's rant, you can see her actually flip off Ed Sheeran!

Perry campaigned for Hillary Clinton in last year's United States election and her latest music video warns against "living in a bubble" as she visits a dystopian theme park, while the lyrics are also considered to be politically motivated.