Google Play Store being updated with developer-friendly tweaks



These pages will also put the focus on specific game genres like role-playing titles and racing games, with Google's own editorial reviews of these genres. This will push less popular apps that are getting a lot of use by dedicated fans further up in popularity and rankings. This price promotion has already been tested by Google. It importantly will now allow developers to display sales on their apps, including free offers, on Google Play.

Another new feature is the ability to let Google Play developers showcase strikethrough pricing.

That is not the only change coming to Google Play Store however. In 2016, over 100 million new users accessed local relevant forms of payments (such as direct carrier billing or gift cards) to access and buy favourite apps and games on Google Play. These promotions have increased installs for developers by 3x-20x, and also maintained a lift in sales afterward. There will be a ton of variety in terms of which apps will be on sale, and sometimes a couple dollars off regular price is enough to get people interested in paying for that app they were thinking about for a while but never pulled the trigger on.

Google brought new developer tools yesterday to the Game Developer Conference in San Francisco that is created to help developers get noticed by more consumers, gain more downloads, better tracking of consumers, and of course make more money.

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The strike-through list price is a great way for developers to drum up interest in an app or game they want to promote, and it's surprising that it has taken so long to implement this option.

The company says that the benefit for players is clear, as they can easily see what to expect from a game they may be interested in without wasting storage space or money.

Google at its GDC 2017 event announced several improvements to Google Play apart from confirming a change in its algorithm to promote developers who build high quality games.