Truck goes airborne to end wild chase

Kevonte Dekorey Austin 18

Kevonte Dekorey Austin 18

A truck escaping from the Police in Webster Parish, Louisiana hit a set of spike strips going at a speed of 185km/h.

A quick move to the right, toward her passenger seat.

A speeding pick-up truck being chased by deputies went airborne in a crash and then landed on another vehicle, almost crushing a woman inside.

It started off with a routine traffic stop, until the driver was asked out of the truck for questioning.

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It began rather routinely for a Webster Parish deputy, who, an hour before, had pulled over the driver of a pickup truck for speeding.

Law enforcement told KSLA that the Toyota Tacoma driven by Austin was stolen. What's even more fantastic than see the truck fly through the air is that someone was inside the auto Austin landed on.

Sayers said, "I came here and see the outcome of this and thank God he didn't kill nobody". A woman, Barbara Harlon, was in the auto at the time but somehow escaped unhurt.

He had been in jail for vehicle theft and had escaped custody when ditching a work-release programme after finishing his shift. Both Austin and the first driver were taken into custody.