This latest i.Con smart condom can visualize your sex performance

This latest i.Con smart condom can visualize your sex performance

This latest i.Con smart condom can visualize your sex performance

The condom also has the ability to record total numbers of thrusts, average velocity of thrusts (oooh, math) and different positions you use during sex.

The idea for the i.Con is an interesting albeit useful one especially once they work out the kinks for the STI detection.

The world's so-called first "smart condom" isn't actually a condom.

Another potential catch relates to one of the i.Con's most important features - the ability to detect STIs, chlamydia and syphilis included.

The ring then collects a wealth of information that in fairness, you probably wouldn't know otherwise, like calories burnt, duration, measurements, and, er, temperature.

British Condoms, which has been delivering condoms and other products since 1999, revealed past year that it was developing the unique product. Users will be able to see how they stack up against others, comparing their size and abilities with people from all over the world.

The U.K. condom and lubricant supplier introduced its latest development, the i-Con Smart Condom Ring, Tuesday, which the company said in a statement would be the world's first "wearable tech" condom.

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The product is fully adjustable to different girths, charges in about an hour and lasts for 6 to 8 hours of "live" usage - which, for some, could translate to weeks or even months of use between charges.

But before we have a firm opening date, the i.Con ring has promised to answer every burning question about your sex life.

According to the company, users should not be anxious about the privacy of their personal information.

And if you're concerned about your secrets getting out, the Nottingham-based company says that all info will be kept anonymous.

At the moment, the i.Con smart condom ring is not available for purchase, but British Condoms has a pre-registration page where users can get email updates on when the product will be released.

A sensor that can detect positions used is now in BETA testing.