YouTube launches YoutubeTV, a rival online cable streaming service

The service, which will be provided through its own app, is being billed as a "mobile first" service, which means that it will be tailored to users who enjoy watching content on their phones.

Unlike YouTube Red, YouTube's premium service launched in 2015, the service will not be completely advertising free; Google has allowed its network partners, as well as itself, to sell advertising in order to bring in additional revenue.

The $35-a-month TV service will package a bundle of channels from the broadcast networks and some cable networks.

The service, which will be reserved for the USA, is for those "who want to watch what they want, when they want, in the way they want and without commitment", said Susan Wojcicki, During a press conference broadcast in streaming. That's because YouTube TV lets you have three simultaneous streams going at once (most of its competitors offer only two), and lets you have up to six accounts connected.

As for the online streaming service's content, YouTube has managed to secure as many local and national broadcasts as possible.

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According to PCMag, the Google subsidiary billed YouTube TV as a way to reimagine television for the YouTube generation. YouTube TV is here and Apple has to return fire.

Google says that YouTube TV will be available "soon", but indicated that it may not be available all over the country simultaneously.

YouTube TV works on both Android and iOS.

Further complicating issues is the fact that YouTube TV, at least in the U.S.

Currently, other options on the market include: Dish's Sling TV, which offers 2 basic packages for $20 and currently has around 764,000 subscribers, and Sony's PlayStation Vue, with a monthly cost of $40 for 60 channels.