Sir Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman shed tear at Logan screening

Even better, with audiences and critics loving this film - which didn't happen with The Wolverine- it's likely that the final tally in theaters will be much higher than either of the two previous films.

What makes the movie different from other superhero flicks is the way director James Mangold has dealt with the subject - without hesitating to show his ageing superheroes go into battle while they fight their own inner demons. There are sky high expectations to film as it is the tenth installment of the super hit X-Men series, the film is also considered as the best X-Men film.

"Logan is good enough that you might forget it's a comic-book movie". The picture has grossed $38 million worldwide.

Liev Schreiber - who played the character in X-Men Origins: Wolverine - later revealed that he'd be keen on returning as Victor Creed, and had been speaking with Jackman about that very possibility, but as we now know it ultimately came to nothing.

It's easy enough to understand where the Logan filmmaker is coming from, but it seems odd to make such an effort to move away from the superhero genre when this movie fits so perfectly into it.

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The US is just one market for Logan.

"This is a grimly violent movie, filled with vicious stabbings, frequent profanity, and a general sense of fatalism". This is a great character.

Logan's abilities as Wolverine are waning - pus oozes from his knuckles when he retracts his Adamantium claws and his body no longer self-heals.

Set in 2029, the film begins at a time when mutants are on the verge of extinction, Charles Xavier's (Sir Patrick Stewart) school doesn't exist anymore and he along with Logan (Hugh Jackman) lead an austere life hiding near the Mexican border before getting embroiled in a life and death situation.

"As a movie, Logan takes a cue from its hero's slowed-down metabolism of invincibility". It's a scruffy dystopian road Western that takes its time in a way that most slam-bang superhero movies don't.