Kong: Skull Island defeats United Kingdom box office competition

Kong Skull Island features the latest incarnation of the giant ape

Kong Skull Island features the latest incarnation of the giant ape

Cresting a wave of good reviews, Kong: Skull Island topped the domestic box office, racking up a mighty $61 million which is above expectations.

13 de marzo de 2017, 17:02Los Angeles, Mar 13 (Prensa Latina) A new film on King Kong became a box-office hit in U.S. movie theaters taking more than $61 million United States dollars last weekend. Now the film's total collections in the Indian market stands at Rs. 13.68 cr.

While Skull Island may have fallen a bit short of Godzilla domestically, it is outperforming the radioactive lizard in some global markets where it debuted to an estimated $81.6 million in 65 territories for a $142.6 million worldwide debut. It comes a decade after Peter Jackson brought "King Kong" back to the big screen.

Kong Skull Island might face the challenge like a sandwich between Logan and next week release of Beauty and the Beast. Additionally, thanks to an impressive marketing effort over the last week, Kong: Skull Island will also end the weekend around with 35 percent more box-office dollars than tracking suggested only four weeks ago.

The iconic ape movie hit the theaters March 24 and earned $142.6 million, with its biggest opening it gives the "Kong: Skull Island" a second title in the monster universe after Godzilla, which gained $93 million in May 2014.

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The original King Kong had been a huge success and remains, according to the Rotten Tomatoes website, one of the most noted horror movies of all time. Budgeted at $160 million, it went on to earn over $529 million worldwide.

The idea was clearly abandoned for the final film, in which Kong's role as "king" of the island is less of a ruler and more of a protector - one clearly at the top of the food chain. "Get Out" brought in an estimated $21 million in its third week out.

It was directed by Jordan Vorg-Roberts and was written by Dan Gilroy, Max Borenstein and Derek Connolly.

"The Shack", based on a Christian-oriented novel by Canadian author William Young about a grieving man's spiritual journey after his child dies, landed in fourth place with just over $10 million. It is expected to cross The LEGO Batman Movie's collection to top the list.