SXSW documentary sheds new light on Michael Brown's final day

Michael Brown

Michael Brown

St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar said in an interview Saturday with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch the fact that Brown was in the store earlier that day was "news to me".

The tape, obtained by the documentary filmmaker Jason Pollock and included in his film "Stranger Fruit", seems to show Brown entering a convenience store around 1 a.m. on the day he died and handing what looks like a small bag to employees behind the store's counter.

The video shows Brown walking away then turning around and handing the bag of cigarellos back to the clerk, who appears to stash it under the counter.

"It was a misunderstanding", Brown's mother, Lezley McSpadden, says.

"There was no understanding".

"They destroyed Michael's character with the tape, and they didn't show us what actually happened", Pollock told the New York Times. The clerks then give Brown a bag with cigarillos, which he takes, but he then turns around and gives it back to them before leaving. At the time, police said that Brown robbed a convenience store of cigarillos prior and officer Wilson confronted him afterward, which led to the deadly shooting.

Police Officer Darren Wilson fatally shot 18-year-old Brown while trying to arrest him after the alleged noon robbery.

Ferguson police had released surveillance video of Brown strong arming his way out of the same store with cigarillos. According to County police spokesman Sergeant Shawn McGuire, the video hadn't been released until now because the footage was not relevant to the investigation.

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Despite the new video footage about Brown's alleged robbery, an attorney for the convenience story told the New York Times that the two August 9 incidents were not related.

In the footage, Brown appears to be giving a small bag, purportedly containing marijuana to the employees who give him two boxes of cigarillos in return. Mr. Pollock said Mr.

Of course, whether or not Brown robbed the store has nothing to do with his eventual death. Stranger Fruit shows another video of Brown in that same store, but it has a very different story to tell. "No mention of the fact that Brown, 6′ 4" and close to 300 pounds, attacked Officer Wilson in his squad vehicle after Wilson asked him to get out of the street and stop blocking traffic.

"There was no transaction", Jay Kanzler told The New York Times.

Federal investigators had found a widespread pattern of racial discrimination and multiple violations of citizens' constitutional rights in the St Louis suburb.

Pollock said the video proves Brown never stole anything from the store.

Pollock argued the new footage challenged what authorities had said about Brown pushing a worker and taking cigarillos during the later store visit, shortly before the fatal police confrontation.