McDonald's Twitter account calls Donald Trump 'disgusting excuse of a president'

McDonald's Twitter account calls Donald Trump 'disgusting excuse of a president'

McDonald's Twitter account calls Donald Trump 'disgusting excuse of a president'

The tweet was quickly deleted and McDonald's explained how their account had been "compromised" and they are "investigating" the incident. It may be no coincidence that the person behind the anti-Trump tweet turned to Twitter to broadcast his or her message, given that President Donald Trump relies on the social media network to reach out to his 20 million followers.

Even comedian Seth Meyers was seen to comment on the epic gaffe - referring to the company's mascot Ronald McDonald, he tweeted, "Clown on clown crime #McDonalds". The tweet posted on Thursday called President Trump as "disgusting".

The rogue tweet was posted Thursday morning as a response to Trump's personal account.

McDonald's corporate account tweeted this. The hacking comes just one day after hundreds of Twitter accounts including Justin Bieber's and Forbes were hacked.

While anti-trump fans are on cloud nine and they cheered the tweets.

Turkish foreign minister determined to visit Netherlands
Turkey has also summoned the Dutch charge d'affaires to the foreign ministry in Ankara in protest, AFP reported. Relations between Turkey and European countries have deteriorated since last July's attempted coup in Turkey.

Analysts said the hack raised questions about security at Twitter, but was unlikely to do much damage to the restaurant chain's brand.

People on Twitter are also pointing out that McDonald's public relations chief is Robert Gibbs, a former press secretary and adviser in the Obama administration. Their accounts tweeted out swastikas and Nazi hashtags Wednesday, in apparent support of Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan.

President Trump as thus far been a highly controversial president, declaring prominent news outlets of spreading "fake news" and voicing controversial opinions and seemingly unfounded statements on social media.

Maybe Trump will get revenge by attacking McDonald's on Twitter and by doing a commercial for White Castle, he shouldn't have any problems holding a White Castle slider with his diminutive hands. Was the creepy Burger King behind the hack, intent on stealing Ronald McDonald's client base for his own empire? One bad hamburger and you take Wendy's and all these other places and they're out of business, "he said at the town hall".

Naturally, McDonald's is getting lots of reaction on Twitter.