Watch the 'Beauty and the Beast' Cast Struggle to Remember Disney Lyrics

Sir Ian Mc Kellen thinks controversy surrounding the inclusion of a gay character in Disney's live-action

Sir Ian Mc Kellen thinks controversy surrounding the inclusion of a gay character in Disney's live-action"Beauty and the Beast is"rubbish

"It was very exciting, playing the part and spending all that time with Stanley Tucci, but it didn't even dawn on me until we started the press tour and people were saying, 'Do you realize you have the first interracial kisses in a Disney film?'" When it comes to Aladdin, you know a filmmaker like Ritchie is going to bring a heavy dose of his signature style, but per Bailey that style is something new for the company and the right fit for the material.

"The new film is praiseworthy in every regard".

That hasn't deterred Disney, which seems hell-bent on building a new financial empire out of the old furniture of their past glories.

Refresh for latest...: Disney's live-action Beauty And The Beast waltzed into its first suite of overseas markets on Thursday, setting the table with $11.5M at the worldwide box office.

And, man, is it ever two-plus hours of mostly unremarkable movie-making.

Cocteau didn't include any overtly gay characters in his version-in which Belle (Josette Day) is also wooed by Avenant, a friend of her brother who joins in the plot to free her from Beast's castle. (Deadline reports that Beauty and the Beast earned $16.3 million in preview screenings Thursday night alone, outperforming all box-office forecasts.) While $3 million is nothing to balk at-especially for those of us cubicle dwellers far outside of Hollywood fantasy-land-it is just a smidgeon of the film's reported $160 million budget (1.2 percent, to be exact) and less than what Watson was commanding in her Harry Potter days ($60 million for eight films). Minor changes are made to Beast's background that alter the context of his condition, while Belle's past family life is given the spotlight for the first time. Also in the mix is local hero and self-obsessed braggart Gaston (Luke Evans), who with the help of his assistant LeFou (Josh Gad) works tirelessly to earn the hand of Belle.

Bruce: You think you would dismiss this film as easily if you'd never seen the animated version? After all, you have seen this movie before. The sets are impressive, and the nonhuman characters covered in ornate little details. Ewan McGregor and Ian McKellen are simply inspired choices as Lumiere and Cogsworth and offer the ideal touch of levity to the Beast's frustration and tragedy. Of course, that has a lot to do with the fact that it's Ewan McGregor and Ian McKellan.

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And the songs are still enjoyable.

Using numbers and ages given within the animated classic, you can conclude the Prince was approximately ten years old when the Enchantress cursed him and his entire castle for breaking the rules and letting strangers in the house. The pressure on Watson to sing, considering it's not her forté, must have been substantial; so with that in mind, she did a pretty bang-up job.

Her singing (with the exception of her solos) is usually accompanied by a chorus or backup singers, so it's not that noticeable that there's no vibrato or real strength behind her voice. The Beast's look, meanwhile, was achieved by combining performance capture and MOVA, a facial capture system, meaning Stevens throughout production walked on stilts and sported a prosthetic muscle suit with a gray body suit on top. He's a little too subdued to be scary and he could have used a little more depth.

Want more stuff like this?

Bruce: I go more to "Chicago", which is something of a fun cartoon onstage but became a richer, more human experience in the Rob Marshall-Bill Condon film version.

In Malaysia, however, a predominantly Muslim country where homosexual activity is illegal, the Film Censorship Board determined that the scene in question had to be cut in order for the movie to be shown in the country with a P13 rating. These things are addressed (arguably needlessly), and add a considerable increase to the film's running time. Maybe another few drafts were required. The "Beauty and the Beast" message has since been removed. The digital work is attractive and impressive, but it somehow feels less alive than the hand-drawn animation.

"The school has been teaching the children with the truths in the Bible to let them understand Gods' purposes of creating mankind". But this "Beauty" feels lifeless, and honestly doesn't do enough to justify its own existence.