China rejects South Korea claims of THAAD deployment 'retaliation'

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un

The Seoul government appealed to the WTO service council on March 17 to determine if Chinese measures on South Korea's retail and tourism industries violate the organisation's regulations, said Trade Minister Joo Hyung-hwan during a parliamentary session. He said in an interview with the Independent Journal Review U.S. patience with the North is running thin, and "all options are on the table".

While building ever better long-range missiles and smaller nuclear warheads to pair with them, North Korea has marked a number of successes in its space program.

The administration is weighing sanctions that would cut off North Korea from the global financial system, Reuters reported, according to a senior US official. The communist nation succeeded in such a satellite launch for the first time in late 2012 and again in February previous year, demonstrating strides in its long-range missile technologies.

USA and Chinese officials have said the number may be as high as 40.

In the highest-level face-to-face meeting between the US and Chinese governments since President Donald Trump took office, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Chinese President Xi Jinping publicly avoided thorny issues and stressed the importance of cooperation.

At an event in Louisville, Kentucky, on Monday, Trump said that what's happening in North Korea is "disgraceful".

Tillerson is mid-way through a three-nation swing throgh Northeast Asia, which began in Japan and will end in China.

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It is unclear whether or not the new administration will actually move forward with sanctions.

He described Tillerson's statement as a kind of attempt to lay the groundwork (for a new geopolitical reality in the region); something that he said was made in connection with North Korea's latest ballistic missile tests.

Others have criticized the government for taking too long to come up with measures to cushion the economic damage felt by South Korean businesses.

Japan, which was Tillerson's first stop before traveling to South Korea and China, hosts tens of thousands of USA troops.

Amano refused to speculate on how many nuclear bombs the North has developed.

"The U.S. should face up to the situation of the world with its eyes wide open".

The proposals could be presented to President Trump within weeks, according to Reuters.