With Google Search Shortcuts, Answers Are Just a Few Taps Away

This way, users can simply tap upon whatever they want to look for and get a string of relevant results.

Its new feature, called "shortcuts", will appear as a row of icons below the Google search box.

Google is adding shortcuts to its Google app on Android and iOS, and on Google.com on the mobile web. Along those lines, you now may be able to find the information you're looking for via the Google app without having to type anything into the search bar. That is where the new entertainment, sports, and movies shortcuts come in. The idea here is to give users a different way to explore Google, instead of requiring the entry of a voice or text search query. Right now, Google says the so-called tappable shortcuts are available to users in the United States and it didn't elaborate on when they might be available elsewhere.

A few of these tools will appear under the main search box on the app's home screen for quick access, but the full list is just another tap away.

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Android users, meanwhile, have access to "dozens" of other shortcuts, including translate, nearby attractions, flights, hotels, an internet speed test, currency converter, and more.

At launch, tappable shortcuts are available only in the United States.

The update is rolling out now to users in the US. Aimed towards simplifying things even further, the redesign will allow you to see tappable shortcuts for a whole slew of categories including sports, weather, food and drink, entertainment and so on.

Information has become the new oxygen; we can't live without it. The more you use it, the better it gets at finding you news.