Super Mario Run for Android is now available to download

Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run

"Super Mario Run" was released a year ago on Apple devices, leaving a lot of Android users feeling left out.

Yoshi, Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Toadette and Toad are already existing characters in "Super Mario Run" and since all of them are good guys, some gaming experts are betting that the 2.0 iOS upgrade will feature bad guys.

"The security element is one of the reasons that we made a decision to go with iPhone and iOS first", he added. Players can get the game for free.

The tweet, which was posted earlier this week, reveals "Android version of #SuperMarioRun will be available on 3/23 with the Ver.2.0.0 update!".

"Super Mario Run" will be released on Android on March 23, reports have confirmed. iOS users have had more than three months of exclusive access to the game.

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The wait is finally over because the players with Android phones or tablets can now join in the fun of "Super Mario Run". The game has been a hit on the iOS platform. However, a one-time in-app purchase of $9.99 is required in order to unlock the full game, which offers features such as World Tour, Toad Rally, and Kingdom Builder.

A tweet from Nintendo in the USA revealed that the mobile title would be made available to Android users from March 23rd.

Aside from the impending release of its Android version, "Super Mario Run" will also receive an update to its iOS version, which adds new characters to the game.

We have to mention that the game is very popular on iPhones and we're pretty sure that it will even have a bigger impact on mobile devices that are running on Android OS. Nintendo hasn't disclosed just what that level will be based upon, but it should certainly stem from the Mario universe.

The game also includes a new battle mode which can be played against gamers across the world. Users can play a few levels of the game for free but will be asked to purchase the game in full once the free levels have been cleared.