Samsung Confirms Refurbished Galaxy Note 7 Phones Will Enter Retail Market

A new Alacantra cover will be announced and the Clearview Standing case that was announced for the Note 7, will now be sold for the Galaxy S8 as well.

But the phones' comeback will depend on "consultations with regulatory authorities and carriers as well as due consideration of local demand", the electronics giant said in a press release.

"The markets and release dates will be determined accordingly".

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More than 4.3 million handsets were collected after Samsung discontinued the Galaxy Note 7, first in September 2016 and then again in October. It's also possible the refurbished phones will launch with a different name, the spokesperson said. Airlines and the FAA also banned the phone from flights because of the fire risk. In addition to refurbished phones, Samsung also laid out plans for how to recycle and process components from those devices. "The report on Samsung planning to sell refurbished Galaxy Note 7 smartphones in India is incorrect", a Samsung India spokesperson told Mashable India at that time.

The Galaxy S8 smartphone and the Bixby virtual assistant is expected to redeem Samsung after the mishap involving its Galaxy Note 7 phablet. After weeks of rumors, Samsung now confirms it will bring back the Note 7... sort of. At last count, Samsung said more than 96 percent of all devices had been returned.

Previously, the company took some serious measures to discourage users from holding on to the phone, like putting a ceiling on the maximum percentage of charge and blocking users from registering on mobile networks. Greenpeace said in a separate statement on Monday that it welcomed Samsung's decision and the firm should carry out its plans in a verifiable manner. The leaked price tags specifically refer to the Greek market, though they shouldn't vary too much in other European countries where Samsung is planning to launch its latest pair of Android flagships. It has now confirmed that the Galaxy Note 7 will be making a comeback as a refurbished smartphone.