Abby Lee Miller quits 'Dance Moms' before fraud sentencing

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Getty HPMG

Abby Lee Miller, founder, dance instructor, and choreographer at the ALDC, has been sorting out some personal matters for quite some time now. Abby Lee Miller has been a part of the show for seven years and "Dance Moms" made her the household name that she is today.

In a stunning turn of events, Abby Lee Miller calls it quits from her show, "Dance Moms". She, in fact, loves kids and has dedicated her life to making them successful. In 2015, a federal grand jury indicted Miller for attempting to hide more than $755,000 of income from various appearances and projects including Dance Moms and its spinoff, Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition.

Furthermore, it looks like her decision to temporarily leave the show is because she doesn't have enough artistic freedom.

Are you a Dance Moms fan? The tension apparently came to a head on Sunday when Abby confided in her millions of Instagram followers that she had quit her show.

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The announcement is another blow to Abby, who is now in the middle of a bankruptcy fraud case. The reason might surprise you, though, as it has nothing to do with her legal troubles. Weekly last month about the costume budget on the show, referring to one of the producers as a "asshole" in her rant to the tabloid.

With the potential of facing up to 10 years in prison, Miller told ET she was staying positive ahead of her sentencing hearing, which was originally scheduled for February 24, but was subsequently delayed. In fact, she hinted that she might have been persuaded by Lifetime producers to act like the mean reality television villain that a lot of people see her as. Perhaps Abby Lee Miller's next Instagram post will tackle further details regarding her possible incarceration.

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