Emily Dickinson: translations: July 2013

Always with Palestine

Always with Palestine

A precious - mouldering pleasure - 'tis - To meet an Antique Book - In just the Dress his Century wore - A privilege - I think -

His venerable Hand to take

And warming in our own -
A passage back
or two - to make

To times when he was young -

His quaint opinions - to inspect -
His thought to ascertain
On Themes Concerning Our Mutual Mind -
The Literature of Man -

What Concerned Scholars - most What Competitions ran -
When Plato - was a Certainty -
And Sophocles - a Man -

When Sappho - was a living Girl -
And Beatrice wore
The Gown that Dante - deified -
Facts Centuries before

He traverses - -
As one should come to Town -
And you all your Dreams - were true -
He lived - where Dreams were born -

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His presence is Enchantment -
You beg him not to go -
Old Volume shake their Vellum Heads
And tantalize - Just so -

A valuable - pleasure in decadence - is - Finding an Old Book - Dressed in the manner of its Century - A privilege - I believe -

Take your venerable Hand -
And hot in ours -
A passage back - or two - to go -
A Times when he - was young -

Examine his picturesque opinions - I>
Deduce Your Thought
About Subjects Concerning the Same Concern -

What interested more - the Scholars -
What Contests were held -
When Plato - When Sappho was a girl with life -
And Beatrice was wearing
The Dress that Dante - deified -
The Facts of the Past Centuries

Your presence is Enchantment -
You beg me not to go away -
Old Volume shake your Vellum Heads
And try them - just so -

translation of Álvaro Torres Ruiz