20 Amazing makeup tricks with colored shadows

20 Amazing makeup tricks with colored shadows

20 Amazing makeup tricks with colored shadows

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul, and applying shadows to them is one of the best ways to make them stand out so that everyone can notice them more. So do not hesitate to experiment to make your eyes look more seductive.

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We have found for you incredible tutorials that will make your task easier. There is no excuse for a glamorous and sophisticated look that will make your eyes look more beautiful!

1. Yellow with purple glow

Try to wet the brush with water when you apply the purple shade, this will make a drawing effect and will help you not to run easily.

2 . Coral color shade

Coral colors are perfect for girls who have light eyes: it simply makes them stand out.

3. Golden look

This mixture of gold, copper and pink shade will make a great contrast, spectacular to highlight your look.

4. Fresh sun-colored eyes

Lighten your look with a cool, radiant tone. Remember that "she who wears yellow, in her beauty she trusts".

5. Bring your look to shine with a combination of purple and pink

The key is to add some shine to the purple shade, or you can replace it with a shade of gel.

6. With this shadow you will get your eyes to see more grids

It is all about the contrast between the golden and the outlined shadow

7. Gradient from black to pink

Start by forming a cat-eye style, then add a shade of brown and finally a shade of intense pink gel. It complements by adding a black outline to further enhance your eyes.

8. The rainbow in your eyes

Eye shadows do not have to be boring. You can try different tones depending on what you wear. For the night it changes to pearly shadows or with shine.

9. The glitter of the night in your look

Makeup with shadows in green will give your eyes a greater emphasis, especially if your eyes are brown.

11. Make your look look spectacular with pink and copper

This combination is totally awesome.

12. Smokey eyes with blue to center

The blue color is a good choice to combine it with a smoky make-up. It will give a nice accent of brightness.

13. Bright green

If you're not one of the girls with sea-green eyes, there's no excuse for not wearing it in your shadows. This green color will completely highlight your coffee look.

14. Pink to the natural

If you prefer a more natural look, this look is ideal for you. Just use a little shade of pink and blur it with a pearl shade; For the outline draw a thin line in dark brown on the upper eyelid and add some mascara: you will look spectacular.

15. The silver shadows will give you a icy look.

If you want to leave the whole world frozen when you look at them, try using gray and silver shades. At the end you use a blue eyeliner to achieve a greater effect.

16. Do not fear that your look shines with three colors

Combine three types of shade so that your look looks funny but at the same time is completely sensual.

17. Venture to use yellow shade in the tear

A yellow color in the tear will work to give a contrast to your look. In this case, the outline goes inside, in blue, but you can use everything in black.

18. Did you imagine the smokey-eyes in pink?

Usually when we talk about smokey-eyes we always think they should be totally black, but Pink is an awesome choice. Would you be encouraged to use it during an important party?

19. Can create magic in the center of your eyes

To make your makeup perfect, you can use surgical tape and place it under your eye, thus avoiding to leave spots of shadow on your cheekbones.