Finale of Walking Dead will be 'painful and heartbreaking'

Gimple and the show's latest fatality broke down Sunday's season seven finale of the AMC zombie drama during Talking Dead, opening up about the "All-Out War" arc that kicked off what will be the central focus of season eight.

Sasha was properly buried and Maggie gave her a voice-over eulogy.

As was expected, the finale included the death of a core character.

Elsewhere in the episode, Negan's former helper, Dwight, tells Rick and his crew that he can help them defeat Negan and the Saviors. And Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), after endless shadow-boxing and monologuing, is finally gearing up to wage total war on the insurgents.

In a teaser clip, Negan heads to Sasha's holding cell with a decent breakfast for her - but at what cost?

After reuniting with Abraham in a series of flashbacks, Sasha's plan to take down Negan was revealed when she schemed to get her own back on him by playing along with his plan. I didn't know exactly how it was going to happen until a little bit before we shot the finale, but I knew ahead of time that it was coming. In a narration at the end of the episode, as the Alexandrians hold a funeral for Sasha, Maggie explains to Rick that she decided the Hilltop had to join the fight because of Glenn, who's baby she is carrying.

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Alanna went on to add that she doesn't understand why viewers are so desperate to know what will happen next. It wasn't until Maggie and the Hilltop and Ezekiel and the Kingdom showed up that the battle turned in Rick and friends' favor.

TVLINE | And, as far as The Walking Dead goes, at that point, you'd done it all.

Jadis' people were pretty much made extinct, but Jadis fired a flare that found her people locking Rick's group in and setting off bombs.

For his part, Morgan said Negan always wants the strong-willed soldiers on his side and grouped Sasha in with Daryl in that capacity. She had to take her path with Rosita, of all people, which led her to that epic final moment.

To say more would be to spoil the elegant plot twist, so instead let's talk about all the fond words Martin-Green's co-stars lobbed her way on the after-show. When he got to say, "We're not gonna be afraid of losing each other anymore; what we're doing is so much bigger", he nearly [encapsulated] the entire show, where everybody was, at that point.