Spider-Man: Homecoming Costume Gadgets Revealed

That and the fact that he talks a lot of nonsense

That and the fact that he talks a lot of nonsense

However, the video was originally uploaded more than three months ago (it was the "Best of 2016" episode), and a lot could have changed between then and now. After the film's full trailer release, we are learning more and more exciting details about the MCU version of Spidey, and his new role in the universe.

The comments about Spider-Man PS4 releasing in 2017 were made by Ryan Penagos who is the current Vice President & Executive Editor of Marvel Digital Media.

Marvel has finally announced a launch window for Sony and Insomniac Games' PS4-exclusive Spider-Man game. But as we get closer to this year's E3, the release date (or at least the release date window) should come into focus.

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As IGN noted, the announcement comes with some qualifiers, as Penagos doesn't directly work with Marvel's games division.

Nerdist had a chance to interview many cast and crew members in Spider-Man: Homecoming including Tom Holland.

What are your thoughts on Spider-Man PS4 potentially releasing this year, ideally by the Fall season along with other big titles? We'll also see what he did right after that, hanging around in Europe... literally, as he explores the world in his brand-new Spider-Man suit. As we've seen, Tony Stark gives Peter Parker a new costumein what has been dubbed his "Training Wheels Protocol" costume.