The Walking Dead: Why Maggie's Pocket Watch Is So Important

The members of the junkyard-dwelling Scavengers community, a.k.a. the Garbage Pail Kids, got on my nerves real fast with their odd behavior and way of speaking, and now we know that these annoying people are a bunch of traitorous scumbags. Abraham and Sasha, but their love will never die. Rick spouts some taunts, and it looks like we're about to have a repeat of the season premiere's head-bashing - when as soon as Negan raises his bat over Carl's head, out leaps Shiva, King Ezekiel's (Khary Payton) tiger. Sadly, it was Sasha who was taken from us as the show's seventh season came to an end in a 1.5 hour finale episode.

She didn't decide against it, Sasha had just strategically planned it for the right moment.

There are worse ways to get killed off of The Walking Dead. "It was the first time we had ever rooted for a walker but it was also lovely because the way I saw it is that warrior spirit lives on".

Warning: This post contains spoilers for the season seven finale of The Walking Dead.

Negan survives the attack and with his supporters launches an assault on Sasha's friends with the help of Jadis [played by Pollyanna McIntosh] and her minions, whom Rick thought were on his side.

The death in question was, unfortunately, Sasha's. As evident throughout the entire season, it was a lot of setup for diminishing payoffs.

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The Walking Dead tried to make Sasha's death feel bigger than it was, but it didn't need to. "More intense. The first 4 episodes will melt people's minds and break their televisions". The song was the last thing she chose to listen to as she died.

Martin-Green was joined by Morgan as well as Norman Reedus (Daryl) as the trio and Gimple offered the first insight into season seven as a whole. That's not even an episode, since season six ends in 16 episodes.

From there, things get a bit insane with an ending for the ages that we won't spoil here.

The callback to Glenn made things come full circle, echoing how Glenn brought them together and how he's a big reason why they remain together, even if he's no longer among the living.

No luck. He was shown rallying his troops to fight next season. If it wants to live up to Maggie's stirring narration, it needs to stop moving at a zombie's pace and take more risks.

Who are the most likely candidates to meet their death this weekend?