A review of propagation programs forGmelina arborea | SpringerLink

Gmelina arborea is a multipurpose tree species native to Asia. This tree can be propagated by seedlings, rooted cuttings, and grafting. Small tree planting programs with limited budgets tend to propagate by seedlings, and larger or industrial plantation projects with breeding programs propagate by rooted cuttings. Details about these propagation methods are presented. Also discussed are new vegetative propagation techniques that can multiply selected material very quickly, thus shortening the time between selection, testing, and operational deployment of gmelina clones.

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Keywords: Rooted cuttings Gmelina arborea is a species of multipurpose tree originating in Asia. The species can be propagated by seed, rooted cuttings, and grafts. Small-scale forestry projects, with limited budgets, tend to propagate this species by seed, while industrial projects, with breeding programs, propagate by rooted cuttings. Details on these types of propagation are mentioned. Relatively new techniques are also discussed for rapid multiplication of selected material, shortening the process of selection, validation, and operational use of gmelin clones.