I'm late

and that you comply with me

I guess that's what it's about

always, in any pair

it's a bit commonplace.

In our case, however,

that is naturally occurring

are like 3 days running

feeling that I am fulfilling and that

/ P>

And I was late, I was born on 20

What a nice story it would be

that today your mother told you

that you would have had to To be born on 23

but you got ahead, you were born 22

Specialists vs. General - UC Berkeley Urban Bee Lab
The pumpkin bee (Peponapis pruinosa) is found throughout North America and follows the flowers of pumpkin plants (Cucurbitaceae ). In summer the two bees that are more common are the long horns (Melissodes robustior) and the beetles (Megachile perihirta).

then the encounter would have happened

today, October 21

But of another year

I just do not know what it is

October 21

The day between you and me

I start To write this

at 23 39

with the idea of ​​sending it

at 23 59

and then call you

I am a skeptic

but I like to believe

That it came for something

or that it had to happen

if everything was as it

would be very boring