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Jhordan Chavez

Jhordan Chavez

This eating disorder caused him

There was a man on the side of the road sitting on a stone, under the shade of a leafy tree. He looked sad, brooding, Almost, almost ready to release the tears. Today news; presidency of m. In The People of the Damned (Wolf Rilla: based on the work of John Wyndham) the children are not allowed to go to school. NOTE: We facilitate this work to help deepen the research. Final. The song. Body. white, white thighs . Ah vastness of. Pines, rumor of broken waves.

I remember you as you were in the. White bee. Drunken tombs of honey - in my soul .

Poem 0. 9 . Drunken. Poem 1. 0 . Walking around. And I miss you. Maybe I saw you, you. Angola, in the light of the moon of June, or eras t. Suddenly. while you were with me I touched you. Afternoon of wings and flights. She - the one who loved me - was.

They fall, lives die. Tired, I'm tired. Fall, the desire dies. Fall, the flames die in the endless night. Fogonazo of lights, pigeon of cherry blondes, l! My soul must be alone. He must crucify himself, to make himself.

For that life to burn. For those hands, your daughters. For your eyes open on the.

I do not want it, Beloved. So that nothing ties us. Nor the word that arom. At each port a woman waits: the.

Master. The love that is shared. Love that can be eternal and can be.

Divinized love. approaching. Divinized love that goes away.

No longer enchanted. But wherever I go.

Together we did. a bend in the path where love passed. I am. Sad: but I'm always sad. It's time to go, oh abandoned! About my heart. Oh bilge of debris, fierce cave of n.

From you raised the wings the p. Like the sea, like time. Everything about you was shipwreck! It was the happy hour of assault and the kiss. The hour of stupor that ard. Lost discoverer, everything in you was shipwreck!

Te ce. It was the mourning and the ruins, and t. And the word barely started on the lips.

I want to get out of my soul. I am this that groans, this. I am this that attacks, this that a. I want to get out of my.

I want to not have l? One by one I must count and praise them: others. I call you Chascona. Thirst that seeks thy thirst.

And in it is annihilated as the. Serenade. In your face. The. Do you understand, sister? It is that the fruit goes away when my hands reach and the stars roll before my eyes.

I feel that I am the needle of an infinite arrow, and it is going to nail. Body of. Woman, white hills, white thighs . In his mortal flame the light envelops you . In his mortal flame the. Change, my friend, alone in the solitary of this hour of death.

Of the night the great ra. Oh great and fruitful. Ah vastness of. pins, rumor of breaking waves!

Jhordan Chavez
Jhordan Chavez @Yhordan_cr

Ah your voice. Mysterious love you! I remind you how you were in it. You were the gray beret and the heart. In. Your eyes fought the flames of crep. Clinging to my arms. Bonfire of stupor.

I am sorry to travel your eyes. Your memory is of light, of smoke, of pond. Inclined in the afternoons I throw my sad nets . Inclined in the evenings. Inclined in the afternoons.

Bee white buzzards - honey drunkenness in my soul . White bee humming. I am the desperate one, the. Last moors, creaks in. In my desert land you are the. Close your eyes. deep.

Ah bare your statue body. You have deep eyes. Fresh flower arms and pink lap. They look like your breasts a. He has come to sleep in your belly. The sea wind is hunting errands.

The water goes barefoot. White bee, absent. Revives in time, thin and silent. Drunk with turpentine and long kisses .

Drunk with turpentine and. I go, hard of passion. It trembles at night. Upstream, in the middle. Sometimes like a coin. I remembered you with him. Always, always you.

Almost out of the sky anchor between two mounts. Rotating, wandering. He makes a cross of mourning. Forge of blue metals, nights of the. Uproot the big ones.

You undermine the horizon with you. I said that you sang. As they are tall and. Cozy like an old man.

I have been marking with fire crossings . I have been marking with. Stories to tell you. The cross solitude of sue. Cornered between the sea and the sadness.

Between the lips and the. However, something. Oh to be able to celebrate you. Subtle visitor, you arrive in the flower and in the. Nobody looks like you.

Suddenly the wind. The sky is a net curd. The. While the sad wind gallops killing butterflies. We have seen the star burn so many times. I like you when you are silent because you are. Slayer from the bottom of my eyes, your robbery.

My soul is born to the edge of your eyes of mourning. Thinking, entangling shadows in the deep solitude . Thinking, entangling. Bell tower of mist, qu!

Your presence is alien. I think, long road, my life before. My life before anyone, my.

Runaway. Violent, stretched out to the sky. You were far away. like now. Fire in the forest! It burns in blue crosses.

It collapses. crackling Shaken of all.

I rolled, happy, sad, endless. In the. Dark pines unravel the wind. A silver gull takes off from the sunset.

High, high stars. Sometimes I am alive, and even my soul is. It sounds. The distant sea resounds. Sometimes my kisses go on those serious ships.

I'm already forgotten how. But the night comes and begins to sing to me. The moon spins her dream shoot. And as I love you, the pines in the wind, they want to sing your name with their sheets of wire. Poem 1. 9 . A black and anxious sun. Everything about you distances me, as from the mid-day. You are the delirious youth of the bee. Sweet and definitive brown butterfly. I can write the verses m. In the distance someone sings. In the distance. My soul is not content.

As for. To approach her my look looks for her. My heart. As before my kisses. His voice, his clear body.

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